Harambe Is Now A Character In Street Fighter Game Play

Harambe Street FighterYouTube

We have now reached peak Harambe.

In an Otaku Gang parody of Marvel Vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, one fan has created a game play fight between Harambe and a Zoo Keeper and uploaded it to YouTube.

You are now invited to join Harambe in a revenge mission against conspiring Capcom characters.

The recently expired Cincinatti Zoo gorilla continues to face off between Street Fighter combatants Ryu, Urien, Hugo, Shin Vega and Evil Ken.

The Good Samaritan opens up game play saying, ‘Yo Harambe! A shadow agency is sending an extermination team to kill you! Go Find Ryu. He’ll test your might and lead you to the airport to escape to Africa.’

Virtual Street Fighter Harambe replies: 

I’ll use my psycho powers to convince the media to report that I’m dead. That should buy me some time to fix this!

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The free download was created in honour of ‘our bro Harambe’ and comes with the motto #KicksOutForHarambe.

Harambe has been immortalised on a Nicki Minaj track, he will appear in hologram form at Day and Night festival alongside Aphex Twin, and now the gaming world has staked their claim too.

We hope the people at Cincinatti Zoo have a decent hurricane kick.