Here’s All The Changes Coming To The Division’s Open Beta

by : Ewan Moore on : 11 Feb 2016 10:50

The Division open beta is fast approaching, and it looks like Ubisoft have been paying close attention to the feedback on the closed beta, judging by all the tweaks and changes they’ll be bringing to game before everyone can enjoy some shooting and looting next week.


A 1.6GB update is coming to the closed beta client, and it’ll be adding content that wasn’t available in the first beta, as well as a few big changes to the PvP Dark Zone area.

You can check out the full list of patch notes in the images below, but highlights include a new mission, the ability to unlock the Tech wing in the base of operations, and several fixed bugs and exploits (to keep those dirty cheats at bay).

As for the Dark Zone; NPC foes have been increased in number to provide a greater challenge, and from now on you won’t instantly go rogue the second you shoot another player – only after doing some damage. The latter is a very welcome change considering you might well often shoot people by mistake.


The rest of the notes are below. Browse at your leisure.

The Division open beta is coming to Xbox One first on February 18, with PC and PS4 owners getting the chance to jump in from February 19. The beta closes on the 21st, so get in and have a good crack while you can.

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