Here’s Every E3 Announced Game Coming In 2017


The best part about E3? The incredible reveals and heaps of hype around some of the biggest upcoming releases. The worst part about E3? The painful wait for said releases. 

To make that wait easier (or probably harder) here are all the games that we know won’t be coming till 2017. To clarify, these are games that have been confirmed for a 2017 release, which is why you won’t find Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding – God only knows when we’ll see that.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


After what felt like twenty or so delays, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was finally properly shown off at E3 2016.

The first truly open world Zelda game since the NES original will come to the Wii U and launch with Nintendo NX. It’ll definitely be out in early 2017, and is quite unlike any Zelda game we’ve ever seen before.

It seems to borrow far more from the likes of Skyrim and Witcher than I thought any Nintendo game ever would, with a wonderful splash of Studio Ghibliesque visuals – looking good, Link.

Resident Evil 7 is nothing like anything we’ve ever seen from a Resi game, and that’s awesome. Borrowing more from the likes of P.T and Layers of FearResi 7 shifts the action from gun toting madness to a claustrophobic first person experience.

The demo confused some folk with its complete lack of weapons and combat, but more traditional Resi elements will make their way into the final game. Who could really forgive Capcom if herbs were left out?

Resident Evil 7 will be out January 24, 2017.

Tekken 7

Another early 2017 game, and it’s about time with this one – Tekken 7 was released in arcades back in 2015. Director Katsuhiro Harada confirmed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference that the game is expected to release early 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If the above trailer is anything to go by, it’s gonna be the same ridiculously over the top fighting fun that we’re used to. Crazy hairstyles, crazy combos, and crazy dreams. That’s the Tekken way.

Halo Wars 2


Remember Halo Wars from 2009? It was a pretty cool RTS game set in the Halo universe. If you liked it, you’ll be glad to know a sequel is coming to Xbox One and PC on February 21, 2017.

Developed by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly (of Total War fame), Halo Wars 2 is set after the events of the first game as you wage war against an evil faction known as The Banished. They might sound like a 15-year-old’s first metal band, but they’re a force to be reckoned with.

If the fast paced shooting and intense combat of the core Halo games isn’t for you, then consider this game the thinking man’s solution.

Star Wars (Motive Studios)

rendition1.img (1)

So EA have a lot of Star Wars games planned, this much we know for sure. The next game that takes us to a Galaxy far, far away will be another Battlefront entry.

Motive Studios is led by former Assassin’s Creed executive director Jade Raymond, and they’re working with DICE (who developed 2015’s Battlefront) to bring us the “next instalment”.

It’s not clear whether it will be a true blooded sequel, or simply an expansion to what we have. Whatever happens, here’s hoping they chill out on the DLC and give us some actual space battles.


PlatinumGames are responsible for the excellent Bayonetta series, so Scalebound is immediately a game that you should sit up and take notice of.

The developer is swapping out their standard formula of insane action focused gameplay for a gorgeous RPG in which you fight alongside a dragon.

It was originally slated for 2016 but has been pushed back to 2017 due to the scale of the project. Sorry.

Persona 5

Persona 5 has suffered numerous delays over the past few years, but fans will be happy to learn that it’s coming in 2017.

You’ll control a team of young cat burglars as they explore a strange castle created from the warped desires of people’s hearts. Standard videogame stuff, then.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is shaping up very nicely indeed. Set in Bolivia in the near future, it’s our job (either alone or with four friends) to fight against the Santa Blanca drug cartel.

Expect plenty of vehicles to play around with, and a wide variety of weapons and gadgets with which to bust those pesky drug peddling criminals – you’ll be able to play this one in March 2017.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of the nicest looking games at E3 2016, and while the PS4 exclusive might yet suffer a Witcher level visual downgrade, there’s no harm in remaining optimistic.

Basically, imagine if Zelda, Witcher, and Xenoblade Chronicles had some weird three-way baby. The result would be this open world action-RPG in which you hunt giant robot dinosaurs. It’s gloriously mental, and a female protagonist is always a welcome change from the standard grizzled middle aged man that seems to typify modern gaming.

This was another game that’s been delayed from a 2016 release to ensure quality – an encouraging sign.

For Honor

For Honor is madness. Ubisoft have crafted a Dynasty Warriors-esque game that sees some of history’s fiercest warriors go to war with one another.

During E3, Ubisoft showed off some awesome footage of vikings storming a samurai stronghold, and it was brilliantly brutal. For Honor won’t be out till February 14, 2017. If you find yourself alone next Valentine’s Day, at least you have this gem to look forward to.

Scalebound won’t be PlatinumGame’s only big 2017 release – they’re also delivering us an unexpected sequel to 2010’s cult action-RPG hit Nier. 

Original developer Cavia was absorbed by its parent company not long after the first game launched, so I can’t imagine anyone was counting on a sequel, much less from such an awesome developer.

Thankfully, PlatinumGames stepped up though. Nier: Automata will launch early 2017 (hopefully).

State of Decay 2


Undead Labs has promised that the sequel to the excellent State of Decay will do everything the original did, plus more.

Open world survival fun in a land ravaged by zombie hordes is always a blast, but this time around we’ll have the option of four player co-op – expect plenty of betrayals when the going gets tough (from me at least).

State of Decay 2 will be coming to Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.

That’s everything from E3 2016 that we can expect to see in 2017 then. Hopefully, the fantastic games on this list can avoid any pesky delays and get to us sooner rather than later, because next year is already shaping up t0 be an incredible one for gamers.