Here’s Everything Coming To Battlefield In The Winter Update


DICE has provided a full rundown of what we’ll be getting in Battlefield 1’s extensive Winter update.

The update was originally intended to fix a few bugs and make some tweaks here and there, but it was decided to introduce some new features in response to fan feedback, and to help tide us over till the next update.

One of the biggest new additions is an increase to the maximum class rank from 10 to 50 for all classes. Hitting key ranks (20, 30, 40, etc) will unlock new dog tags and customization options.

Ribbons also make a stylish comeback in the Winter update, offering a more consistent, constant stream of rewards such as bonus experience for performing certain tasks. There are to be 20 in the update, with more coming in future patches.

Rented servers meanwhile, find themselves with a new kick and ban option, as well as a way to enable map voting. This hasn’t been confirmed for the official servers yet, but DICE has teased it’s something that could happen at some point.

Finally, expect some changes to a number of vehicles and weapons too. While these weren’t detailed in full, we do know that the heavy tank will now show up on the minimap, while the previously-nerfed Martini-Henry has received a small buff.

Keep an eye out for full patch notes, which release later today (February 14). The next major update for Battlefield 1 will be the They Shall Not Pass expansion, which introduces the French Army to the fray.