Here’s How Long It Took This Guy To Catch All 142 Pokemon


Pokemon GO has only been out in the US for about two weeks now, but one pro trainer has already nabbed all 142 Pokemon available in his region in that time period. 

All that’s left for this guy to do is catch region-specific creatures, then wait for the legendary ‘mon to show up, and then he’s truly caught ’em all.

Nick Johnson (above) first showed off his big achievement on the Pokemon Go subreddit. All in all, Johnson has caught a staggering 4,269 Pokemon.

He’s also hatched 303 eggs, and walked 153 kilometers over the last two weeks – he can probably crush concrete with his legs now.

The only Pokemon left for him to get are Ditto, who has yet to show up anywhere for some reason, Mr Mime (exclusive to Europe), Farfetch’d (Asia), Kangaskhan (Australia and New Zealand), and the legendary Pokemon Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew, and Mewtwo.

The Brooklyn-based Johnson told Business Insider that he doesn’t have much time to catch Pokemon in the day because of his job, but usually heads out into Manhattan around 6pm every evening to see what he can find.

These Pokesearches could sometimes last up to eight hours, with the only thing stopping him a lot of the time being his body’s need to go home and pass out. Hardcore.

Oh, and he chose Squirtle as his starter and sided with Team Valour. Make of that what you will.


Johnson is currently writing to travel sites and startups, looking for someone to sponsor him so that he can travel the world and get the last few Pokemon.

It would be pretty awesome to be the first guy in the world to catch ’em all, to be fair.