Here’s How To Get 151 Games For £16



You’re probably pretty busy at this time of year, with your Battlefield 1s and your Pokemons and your Titanfall 2s – but why not put some time aside and pick up 151 games for less than £20?

While the prospect of grabbing so many games for such little money sounds like madness (unless you’re a GameStop employee), I’ve had a peek myself and it’s all above board.


The deal comes courtesy of, who have launched The Good Bundle. Similar to the popular Humble Bundle, spending different amounts of cash will get you access to different tiers of games.

So for example, for $2 (roughly £1.60), you can get games like the excellent Depression Quest, The Old Man Club, and a boat-load more.

The next step up is $8 (about £6.40), and will get you the likes of Downhill, Beads of Orange Glass, and Neocolonialism, while the final tier of $20 (£16) nets you such gems as Gone Home and Catlateral Damage.

Obviously, if you were to pay for the highest tier, you’d then get access to the lower tiers – thus, £16 can get you a fuck load of videogames to play.


Oh, and all proceeds go to charity, so not only do you get a fat library of games (some of which you may never even get around to playing) but you can also be content in the knowledge that you’ve done something pretty good with your money.