Here’s When You Can Play The Gears Of War 4 Beta


We finally have a set date for the Gears of war 4 multiplayer beta, and it’s coming very soon. Microsoft has announced that Xbox One owners who’ve played Gears of War Ultimate Edition by April 11 will be able to enjoy the Gears 4 beta on April 18.

Previously, you would have needed to have played Gears of War Ultimate Edition by March 1, but Microsoft have officially extended the period, meaning more people should get a chance to try the newest Gears title.

All you need to do is log onto Ultimate Edition on Xbox One or Windows 10 by 11 PM PST (6am UK time) on April 11.

The first wave of codes will go out on April 18, although Microsoft didn’t say how long it’d take for codes to go out, or who (out of the eligible players) will get theirs first.

After the early access period ends on April 24, all “qualifying” Xbox Live Gold members can play from April 25 to May 1. Helpfully, Microsoft have yet to clarify what they mean by “qualifying” Xbox Live Gold members.

We still don’t know exactly what to expect from the beta in terms of characters, weapons, maps, or anything at all really. Still, it’s a safe bet that there’ll be plenty of gore and much shooting of guns.