Hero Makes Awesome GTA V Music Video For In-Game Track


Rockstar held a competition to make a music video for new PC track “Leave” by Wavves to coincide with new content ‘Ill Gotten Gains – Part 2’ which goes live on PC today, and the winner is well deserved.

The track, which features on brand new radio station The Lab, sorely needed somebody to jazz it up and luckily user YeahMAP was on hand to assist. The German creator used entirely in-game footage – as was stipulated by Rockstar – to create the vid, which details a high-stakes prison breakout and the ensuing police chase. Obviously it includes explosions, jets, bullets and more explosions.  YeahMAP took home the prize of a G910 Orion Spark gaming keyboard and a G510 Proteus Core gaming mouse, both inscribed with his social club ID and a Rockstar editors logo. He also skipped away with an armful of GTA merch and $100 to spend on the Rockstar Warehouse. Not too bad for a days work.

Runners up Vergessene and Dorian92 also put in valiant efforts and each got the cash and merch to tide them over. Make sure to check out their entries below.

To further celebrate the release, Rockstar are holding an RP event this weekend where everybody will be able to challenge for double the cash.