Hideo Kojima Is Getting Revenge On Konami In The Perfect Way


It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima and Konami went through a pretty bitter divorce, with Kojima still reeling from the fallout. 

The once-beloved company won full custody of two of Kojima’s kids: Metal Gear Solid, and the oh-so promising P.T/Silent Hills, effectively robbing the world of a sick horror collab between the our boy Kojima and director Guillermo Del Toro.

Thankfully, Kojima is striking back in the best possible way. After setting up a new, independent studio and unveiling the wonderfully strange Death Stranding to the world, the Metal Gear creator has continued to stick two fingers up at Konami by nicking their most talented staff.

We already knew that he’d pilfered Yoji Shinkawa, the Art Director,as well as Ken-Ishiro Imaizumi, the Producer, and even Shinji Hirano, the former President of Konami Europe.

It hasn’t ended there though – not by a long shot. Gaming Bolt reports that Kojima has bolstered his own ranks with former Konami game designers Masaki Saito and Jackie Tan, along with Konami’s ex-cinematic artist Yasuhiro Kawakami.

Chihoko Uchiyama – once the senior character designer at Konami – has also been swooped up for Kojima Productions, as has Akio Sakamoto – the man who essentially designed FOX Engine. That’s one hell of a win for Hideo Kojima.

To be fair, since Konami seems content to waste away its days on Pachinko Machines and poor Metal Gear spinoffs, Kojima might as well take all that talent that was otherwise going to waste.