Hideo Kojima Officially Announces New Studio And Sony Partnership


Rumours have been flying around that wayward developer Hideo Kojima was starting his own studio from the rubble of the Konami saga, and it looks like it’s all official now.

A video posted up on the PlayStation YouTube account shows Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House announcing the exciting news in Japanese, flanked by Mr Kojima.

Andrew House says of Kojima:

I have with me today the creator of a distinguished franchise that has contributed to the history of PlayStation. He is one of the most creative talents in the history of games.

Kojima’s new studio will be called Kojima Productions, and while there’s no news on exactly what game he’ll be making, we do know that it will appear exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

The company also has a fancy-pants new logo that Kojima describes as “.. like a medieval knight and also a space suit.” A hint of a game to expect? Probably not, be we can dream.

Kojima Productions

You can also check out Kojima Productions new website which doesn’t have a great deal on it at the minute, bar a statement from the studio.