Hideo Kojima On Why He’s ‘Done With Horror’

by : Ewan Moore on : 07 Feb 2017 09:27

The cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project was a modern travesty, if the incredible P.T demo was anything to go by at least. 


The Metal Gear creator recently teased that his upcoming game – Death Stranding – will not be a horror game, but those so enamoured with his initial venture into the world of the spooky are holding out hope he’ll do a properly scary video game one day.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Kojima has any plans to do such a game. Speaking to IGN, he revealed that the reason he’s done with horror is because he scares easily. Seriously.

He explained:


I get scared very easily. Actually, this is true of Alfred Hitchcock as well as Steven Spielberg. Because they scare easily, because I scare easily, it’s actually easy for us to make something that is scary, because we understand what is scary.

He continued to say that while he’s in the creative process of dreaming up scares (you know, dead babies in sinks and such), he actually ends up giving himself bad dreams.

You read that right friends. Hideo Kojima doesn’t want to make another horror game because he gives himself bad dreams. Shall we all have a whip-round for a night light?

The P.T demo was one of the most gripping horror experiences of the last few years, and proved that Kojima really does know how to make a pants-shittingly terrifying game.

I sincerely hope that after Death Stranding, Mr Kojima decides to face his demos and have another crack at horror.

Ewan Moore

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