Hideo Kojima Opens Up On Split With Konami


Metal Gear creator and all-round mad scientist of the video game world Hideo Kojima has opened up about his time with ex-publisher Konami. 

Anyone with a passing interest in video games will of course know that Kojima went through a very public and bitter break-up with Konami – a company he’d worked for for nearly 30 years.

The man himself recently told BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat program how much more freedom he has since stepping away from Konami and forming the independent Kojima Productions.

He said:

I have more freedom now because the final decision comes down to me. This company is not listed on the stock exchange so we don’t need to worry about pleasing investors. We can just concentrate on making good games.

You’d think Kojima would perhaps be much bitterer towards Konami, given what they did to him with both Metal Gear and his planned Silent Hill games, but he has a relatively optimistic outlook towards his time there.

In a separate interview with IGN, he said:

The me that stands here now is the product of the past 53 years of my life. Everything I experienced over 53 years; movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read, music I’ve listened to, games I’ve played, people I’ve met and the 30 years spent in this industry, have formed who I am. Not one of these things has been without purpose, including my experience creating games at Konami.

Kojima’s next game will be the ambitious-sounding Death Stranding, which will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC somewhere down the road – don’t expect it anytime soon, though.