Hideo Kojima’s Tribute To Stan Lee, And The Time He Dressed As Revolver Ocelot


Pop culture legend Stan Lee recently passed away at the tender old age of 95, sparking a massive outpouring of loving tributes and remembrances from fans and stars across the world. 

Stan clearly touched many lives, from the fans who grew up reading his work to the stars who are now playing his creations on the big screen, but one of touching tribute you might not have expected actually comes from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

The Death Stranding director has shared a number of other tributes to the great man on his Twitter page, including touching posts from Marvel and Norman Reedus.

Perhaps best of all though, Kojima reminded us of the time that Stan Lee dressed as Metal Gear Solid’s Revolver Ocelot to give Kojima a ‘Legend’ award at the 2004 G-Phoria Awards.

It’s an excellent clip, and you can watch it just below.

It truly is a lovely moment, and one that reminds us of what a character Stan was, as he strides out onto stage in full Metal Gear cosplay before graciously allowing Kojima to geek the flip out.

It’s also a reminder that Stan Lee touched so, so many lives – far more you’d think than any one human being would be capable of doing, but whether you’re Chris Evans, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, Hideo Kojima, or a kid who just discovered their first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Stan has impacted your life.

While we’re here, let’s also remember the time Lee gave a special messages at Metal Gear’s 2007 20th Anniversary celebration:

I can’t stress this enough: Stan Lee was -and always will be – the man. Rest in peace, sir, you’ve quite obviously earned a good long rest. The innumerable people you’ve inspired look set to continue your legacy.