Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Discusses Sequel


I think it’s probably fair to say that, apart from that usual dark corner of the internet that refuse to let people enjoy things, Horizon Zero Dawn has been a hit with critics and gamers alike. 

I’m sure there are some of you out there who have already finished your adventure with Aloy, or are at least close to wrapping up, and thoughts of a sequel have begun to coalesce in your mind’s eye.

Sony has spoken openly about how it wants to make Horizon Zero Dawn the next big PlayStation franchise, so a sequel seems pretty much inevitable, but are developer Guerrilla Games keen?

Speaking to Kotaku, the HZD producer Samrat Sharma said:

The honest answer to that is that we love the world. The team has a lot of faith in the character and the world we’ve created and there’s a lot of lore that we have that people haven’t seen yet. But we haven’t really sat down and decided what to do next.

You should check out the full interview over at Kotaku, but one of things Sharma seems excited to expand on in a future game is the world’s already excellent lore, as well as more variety in the mechanical monsters and their behaviours.

As with any game, there are bits that were left on the cutting room floor, and ideas the team had too late to implement in to the game, so it sounds like there won’t be any shortage of innovation in the second game.

For now though, the team should probably just take a bit of break, content in the knowledge that they’ve produced one of the finest PlayStation 4 titles to date.