Horror Title Until Dawn Has 9 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage


The new horror game from developers Supermassive Games has been shown off at the likes of E3 in recent months, but now we have 9 more minutes of unbroken footage to gawp at.

There’s no denying Until Dawn is a pretty gorgeous game to look at. Powered by a modified version of the Killzone Shadow Fall engine, the guys at Supermassive Games have obviously spent a lot of time on the painstakingly detailed characters and environments in order to maximise the immersion. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen how the game will run (there’s plenty of footage online) but who’s gonna complain about more cool scenes?

The idea behind Until Dawn is that it will take multiple attempts with different characters to fully understand the story. Oh, and any character can die at any time and the story will continue. No pressure then.

It’ll be the player’s job to babysit eight teen-slasher types through a series of hairy scenarios and not get them killed -assuming they don’t want them to get killed that is. The game operates a super strict autosave system to stop you doing backsies after you accidentally get somebody bumped off. It’s like they know…

The game is an exclusive to PS4 as Sony are publishing, and will be available on August 25th in the UK.