How Many Tekken Characters Can You Name?


For over 20 years, Tekken has remained one of the most beloved and respected fighting videogame franchises. 

Obviously a large part of this is the tight gameplay, constantly inventive modes, and focus on multiplayer fun, but I reckon it’s the characters that can really make or break a fighting game – luckily Tekken has produced some real champs.

Whether they’re masters of the martial arts, ninja assassins, demons, or even giant bears, Tekken’s hilariously over-complicated backstory has given birth to some of the most memorable (and mental) characters. Now, let’s see how well you remember the following…

And now to celebrate your victory (or lament your loss) please enjoy this clip of Mokujin playing videogames with his wooden wife, because Tekken.

Those wooden boobs haunt my dreams.