How No Man’s Sky Nearly Lost Its Name Through ‘Legal Nonsense’


In a strange turn of events, it’s been revealed that No Man’s Sky was very close to losing its name after ‘secret stupid legal nonsense’. 

Thankfully, developer Hello Games recently confirmed that their massive open universe exploration/survival game gets to keep its title after a settlement deal.

So what happened? Well, Studio boss Sean Murray talked a little bit about their legal scuffle with British broadcasting company BSkyB across a series of tweets.

Apparently, the legal battle had been going on for three years. Back in January 2014, Sky managed to win against Microsoft over ‘Skydrive’ which was changed to ‘Onedrive’ as a result.

Murray himself cited that particular case as evidence that the situation was pretty serious – after all, Hello Games aren’t exactly Microsoft in terms of size or power.

Stressful stuff, to be sure. The last thing anyone wants when they’re trying to work on a game (especially one as ambitious as No Man’s Sky) is to have to fuck about with a bunch of legal crap.

Still, Murray is clearly now able to make light of the situation…

No Man’s Sky was recently pushed back from its original June release date in favour of an August launch, a move which really pissed off some fans.

But by all accounts, it’s shaping up to be a genuinely great game – the more time they get to spend polishing it, the better.

Now we can all sit around speculating what Hello Games would have changed the name to if Sky had won. Personally, I like No Man’s Pie.