Idiot Steals Rare Games, Tries To Sell Them To Local Store


Stealing is stupid. Trying to sell the shit you’ve stolen to your local videogame store is double stupid. This guy did both, which makes him triple stupid.

Randy Norris – a 34-year-old knucklehead from Pennsylvania – has been jailed after reportedly stealing around £18,000 ($25,000) in rare videogames and trying to sell them to local videogame stores to make himself a tidy profit.

Reading Eagle

According to local news site Reading Eagle, Randy stole the games from a couple that he lived with for a stretch over the summer. He helped himself to over 500 games, some of which are thought to have been from the oldest gaming systems around.


What Norris should have done, is stick to stealing shit in videogames, and not in real life, as he’s currently sat in prison awaiting a court date, with his bail set (ironically) at $25,000. Crime doesn’t pay kids, especially if your name is Randy.