Indie Team Remaking Knights Of The Old Republic In Unreal Engine 4


Who doesn’t love a shiny HD remake of a classic game? Not many people could find fault with restoring a beloved title – especially if it’s being made available for free. Get excited then, as an indie studio have rallied to remake Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic in Unreal Engine 4, with added content.

Knights of the Old Republic. In Unreal Engine 4. For free.

Poem Studios, are the heroes taking on this massive task. The project is called Apeiron, and aims to work with fans to remaster the beloved 2003 Star Wars RPG and throw in new worlds, missions, a HUD, inventory, items, and companions for good measure.

If you’re trying not to get your hopes up because a game like this could get taken down by Disney at any moment, Poem Studios claim it’s all above board and 100% legal.

According to the team, creating a remake of Knights of the Old Republic is absolutely fine. Selling it would be a problem, hence why it’ll be completely free upon release.

Poem Studios will however, be taking donations once they have a larger portion of the game polished and finished, and you can track their progress if you want – they’ve been livestreaming the development on Twitch.

There’s no word yet on when this project will release, just pray to Yoda that Disney don’t find a way to take this down.