Infinite Warfare And Modern Warfare Uses Ton Of PS4 HDD Space


Despite the fact that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered are being sold together, it seems they’re gonna take up a helluva lot of space. 

Combined, the two games have a beefy install size of 130 GB on PlayStation 4. This is according to a report from Call of Duty fansite Charlie Intel.

You can check out their findings below, from a French boxed version of Infinite Warfare’s Legacy Edition (the version that comes with the remaster of Modern Warfare).

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It is worth noting that the file sizes might vary slightly for different regions – but I can’t imagine it changing that much from 130 GB.

We’ve yet to hear anything regarding how much space these two games will gobble up on Xbox One, but it’ll likely be a bit different.

Considering 130GB is more than a quarter of the size of the common 500GB hard drive, you’d better start cleaning out your PS4 now.

In slightly better news for PS4 gamers, you’re now able to get stuck into Modern Warfare Remastered’s excellent campaign, provided you have (or plan to) preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Legacy Edition via the PlayStation Store.

This has muddied the waters slightly – especially after reports that you can’t play Modern Warfare without Infinite Warfare inserted.

It turns out that the PS4 version comes with a voucher code, while the Xbox One version has the game included on the disc, and PS4 players can play single player but not multiplayer without the Infinite Warfare disc, while Xbox One users obviously can’t do anything without the disc.

Is it unfair to say that Activision has made this all far more confusing than it ever needed to be? No. No, I don’t think so.