Infinity Ward Hiring For “Next-Gen” FPS Game, Hinting At PS5/Xbox Scarlett Release Window

by : Ewan Moore on : 11 Oct 2018 17:00

Infinity Ward are currently looking for staff to work on a “next-gen” FPS title, which we can all assume is most likely another Call of Duty game. No surprise there, then. 


What is intriguing though, is that this mysterious job listing might have just confirmed when we can expect to see the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett arrive. With Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty slated for 2019, could we really be seeing the next generation of consoles that soon?

The job listing in question is for a temporary Associate Game Designer. Temp staff are often hired in the final year of development on a CoD title, according to VGR

We also know that – thanks to the revolving three year dev cycle on CoD games – an Infinity Ward developed project is due next, with Treyarch’s Black Ops IIII due out tomorrow (October 12), and the Sledgehammer Games WWII having come before that in 2017.


All of this is to say that we can absolutely assume this unannounced Infinity Ward project is a Call of Duty game, so the “next-gen” terminology used in the job ad is very interesting indeed. Check out the job listing below.

This is what the job posting on LinkedIn says:

Come work with the game industry’s brightest on an exciting, unannounced next-gen title. In this hands-on role, you’ll collaborate with experienced Designers on creating and implementing new game features.

If this Infinity Ward Call of Duty is indeed a true “next-gen” title, then the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett could be coming much sooner than anyone could have imagined.

Sony only recently confirmed that they working on a follow up to the PS4, and many industry analysts agreed that the next generation of consoles probably wouldn’t arrive till 2020 at the earliest. There’s a chance that the studio is working on a next-gen port of course, and that the 2019 CoD will still hit PS4 and Xbox One, just like Black Ops II straddled both console generations.


Of course, there’s also a chance that whoever posted the job listing for Infinity Ward got a little free and easy with the meaning of the phrase “next-gen”, and they are in fact still referring to the current crop of consoles.

Certainly, it seems like if new consoles were dropping in 2019, we’d have heard about them by now so we all had time to save our precious pennies.

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