Interesting New Resident Evil 8 Rumours Surface Online

by : Ewan Moore on : 31 Jan 2019 16:17

A new report suggests that Capcom might be dropping the first person view of Resident Evil 7 for its sequel, following the huge critical and commercial success of the Resi 2 remake. 


EVIL VR over on Twitter claims to have heard a few interesting things about the development of Resident Evil 8 from sources at Capcom. Apparently, the next game will follow on from the events of Resident Evil 7, and will focus on the company that made Eveline (7’s creepy little girl-turned-bioweapon).

EVIL has also suggested that smaller teams are currently still working on concepts for Resi 8, and that we’re more likely to see the (still rumoured) Resident Evil 3 remake before we see the next “proper” entry in the series.


There’s also apparently a debate at Capcom regarding whether “Resi 8″ should be number 8 or a spinoff title, and that “hallucinations” will play a big part in the game, keeping the player guessing what’s real and what’s not throughout.

Our friend also suggests that a Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake isn’t really being considered right now, with the big focus being on the Resi 3 remake and planning Resident Evil 8.

Take all of this with a pinch of salt  for now of course. The EVIL VR account has been active for less than six months, so I can’t exactly say it’s the most trusted of sources.

It predicted that we’d be getting a Resident Evil 2 demo in late December, and while a demo did release eventually, we didn’t actually see it till early January. That’s not too much of a miss though, to be fair.

For now, let’s all just sit back and enjoy the fantastic Resident Evil 2 remake. Given that the most recent release has gone down better than a bag of meat in RPD lockup, it’s probably safe to assume that Capcom will be using what they’ve learned during its development going forward.

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