Internet Reacts To Star Wars Battlefront’s Lack Of Server Browser


If you were too busy celebrating the fact that the Star Wars Battlefront beta is coming early next month, then you may have missed this titbit of devastation.

Talking on the Battlefront subreddit, EA Community Manager Sledgehammer70 confirmed that the game will not have an option to browse servers, but will instead use a “new skill-based matchmaking system.” Now you can be matched up against people you don’t know, on a server you didn’t choose, quite possibly on maps you don’t want to play. Stellar.

Naturally, people are pretty pissed. Server browsing has been a staple of first-person shooters on PC and occasionally consoles, as they offer a much more tuned online experience and a greater sense of community.

EA have likely stripped this feature as a way of simplifying the game, under the assumption that more casual players who just want to shoot each other with lasers will be confused by the vast amount of options that server browsing creates. But in true EA fashion, it’s backfired on them massively.

The comments about this are overwhelmingly negative, nobody is supporting EA’s decision.

EA have yet to comment on the news but we’ll likely know more in the coming days and weeks, but this is yet another reason to cast a sceptical eye on something Star Wars fans and gamers have been waiting a long, long time for.