It Seems Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Coming To PC After All


Console vs PC. It’s a war as old as time – or the early 90’s, at least. The latest stick console users have been wielding to beat PC gamers of course, is Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s hotly anticipated open world Western comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26, but we’ve heard nothing official regarding a PC version of the game, leading many to believe it probably isn’t happening.

I’d call those people negative Nigels, frankly.

Rockstar Games

It’d seem odd not to bring such a huge title to PC eventually, and a recent leak has given Red Dead Redemption 2 fans fresh hope that the title will be gracing PC sooner rather than later.

As spotted by VG247, Dutch website MediaMarkt lists Red Dead Redemption 2 for a 2019 release date on PC. Unfortunately, soon after an official representative for the retailer reached out to Wccftech to explain that the listing was a placeholder, as MediaMarkt believes the game will come to PC eventually.

The rep explained:

It’s true we had the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version listed. I checked this with the games department at our HQ and got told that it’s something of a placeholder and that they count on it being announced sometime in the future (just as with GTA V for example). It is no longer listed as available for pre-purchase, though.

While this is slightly disappointing, we absolutely can’t rule out a PC version of the game at some point. While we’ve yet to receive official word, the evidence we’ve seen so far does point to it happening eventually.

For a start, Rockstar eventually released GTA V for PC after it had already been on Xbox 360 and PS3, so they’re aware their open world epics have an audience outside of console gamers.

Then there’s the fact that earlier in the year, a Rockstar employee had a listing on their Linkedin page that revealed they were working on a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 – this was swiftly removed after it was circulated online, which usually means something is afoot.

Finally, Denuvo Software Solutions – one of the many forms of DRM providers – may have accidentally leaked plans for a new Rockstar PC release, as Rockstar are working with Denuvo, and Denuvo tend to only work with PC titles.

Given GTA V didn’t come to PC till about 2 years after the initial launch, we simply can’t rule out Red Dead Redemption 2 pulling the same stunt. We’re just going to have to be patient, and wait for official word.