‘It’s Always Sunny…’ Director To Pick Up Minecraft Movie


Rob McElhenney has been confirmed to direct the Minecraft Movie – his previous work includes directing and starring in the hit sitcom ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’. 

The Minecraft Movie has been a bit of a sinking ship since everybody seemingly bailed on it last year, but fans have once again been given hope with the naming of the brand new director. Rob McElhenney has proven comedy chops with the smash hit ‘It’s Always Sunny..’ so it’s a sure thing that the film is going to have witty quips down to a tee.

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McElhenney was spotted at MineCon in London a couple of weeks back but the news only broke yesterday that he would be involved in the silver screen adaptation of the sandbox game.

So far there has been no actual information on how the game will translate to the movie, but Warner Bros are on board to develop. It’s a safe bet that they know what they’re doing, having already released the hugely popular Lego Movie last year.