Jack Black Finally Plays Some Games In Latest YouTube Upload

JAck Black video games@Jablinski Games/YouTube/Double Fine

Actor and comedian Jack Black has been confounding and amazing viewers around the world, with his nascent YouTube gaming channel, Jablinski Games. 

Launched towards the end of last year, Black managed to bag nearly three million subscribers on the back of two brief videos.

Incredibly, neither of these uploads included video game talk of any kind, instead it was roughly three minutes of Jack Black being… Jack Black.

He’s since uploaded two more videos (new videos are set to arrive Friday, January 18), and it’s in these most recent ones, we finally see Black play some games… Kind of.

Clearly, the Tenacious D man is having fun playing with people’s expectations, as these still aren’t exactly the gaming videos you might have been expecting.

Some will likely be disappointed to learn there’s still no Jack Black sat in front of a gaming PC streaming 30 minutes of the latest release.

Instead, we’re treated to three minutes of him wandering around an arcade, bowling, playing on a dance mat, and humming tunes from Undertale. It’s weird, and not what I expected – but I’m into it.

Check out the latest release below:

In Jack’s first (brief) video, he boldly explained his channel will be bigger than Ninja, and bigger than PewDiePie.

To be fair to him, he never really promised exactly what kind of content we’d be seeing from him, suggesting only Jablinski Games would stand for ‘games, food, and life’. These are three things we’ve seen in the last two videos, so I can’t fault him.

If nothing else, it’s kind of sweet to see Jack Black enjoy a day messing around at the arcade with his son, even if I could live without the reminder Kung Fu Panda exists.

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