Jack Black Is Launching A Gaming YouTube Channel And It Looks Amazing

jack black gaming youtubeJablinski Games/Double Fine Studios

Jack Black: award-winning actor, beloved comedian, prolific musician, and now the world’s biggest YouTuber. Well, he’s not that last one yet, but I give it a week. 

Yep, Tenacious D’s very own JB has started a brand new gaming YouTube channel called JablinskiGames, which Jack promises will be all about ‘games, food, and life’.

Really, it looks like it’s gonna be Jack Black dicking around and playing video games more than anything else, which I am absolutely up for.


In Jack’s first (brief) video, he explains that his channel will be bigger than Ninja, and bigger than PewDiePie –  a statement which is particularly brave given the fragility of a large portion of PewDiePie’s fanbase, but one I personally back.

While the rest of the video doesn’t really give much away in terms of what kinds of games he’ll be playing, or even if he’ll be doing straight playthroughs, or reviews, or something else entirely, we are told we’ll get new videos every Friday, which means the next one should drop tomorrow (December 28).

Jack also suggests in the comments that he’s currently being held hostage by his son, but we can’t verify this for sure at the time of writing. Check out the first Jablinski video below.

The clip was posted on December 21 and already has nearly 2 million views, so I think Jack Black might just have a shot at becoming the next big gaming YouTuber. If he can get Kyle Gass on for a Tenacious D reunion and a game of Mario Kart, then we officially have the greatest channel in the world.

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