Jax Ending Slavery In Mortal Kombat XI Is Seriously P*ssing Gamers Off

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Mortal Kombat 11 recently arrived for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

So far, it’s reported to be the most successful launch out of all the games in the franchise’s 30 year history.

While you may think this means gamers are enjoying it – which most of them probably are – some fans are taking the time to pick apart one of the endings in the game’s Tower Mode.

The ending in question involves Jax Briggs, a regular character since Mortal Kombat 2. He is the leader of the Outerworld Investigation Agency, and a ‘cybernetically enhanced’ fighter.

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Posted by UNILAD Gaming on Wednesday, 24 April 2019

In the new game, we see Briggs fighting his own daughter, the thunder god Raiden, and a younger version of himself thanks to some time travel wizardry. Eventually though, he comes back to fight for good, as Daily Dot reports.

In the game’s Tower Mode, each fighter competes in a set number of battles before seeing a non-canonical ending that shows what would happen if they were the winner of the Shaolin Tournament.

As Briggs is given the power to control time, he resolves to right some wrongs, both personal and historical. Namely, slavery.

He says:

I’ve been lucky. My family and I have lived the American dream. But most people who look like me haven’t had that chance. I owe it to them to put things right. I’m not waiting centuries for people to get woke when I’ve got the power to speed things up.

You can watch it here:

However, some people weren’t sure about the character’s decision to wipe slavery from history, suggesting that the game’s developer, NeatherRealm, were implying some reverse racism against white people.

Some people couldn’t get their head around what someone might do if they had the power to change history:

While other didn’t quite see it the same way:

Despite the overblown reaction to Jax’s ending, the reviews of Mortal Kombat 11 have been largely positive, with the game being the largest launch in Warner Bros Game’s history.

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