John Cena Is In Talks To Play ‘Duke Nukem’ In New Film

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Wrestling star turned actor John Cena is reportedly in talks to play Duke Nukem in a big-screen adaptation of the popular game.

Aliens should be scared as the Ultimate Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion is getting ready to do battle and it’s guaranteed to be epic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Cena is currently in negotiations to take on the lead role in the cinematic adaptation of the popular video game franchise.

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The currently unnamed film is due to be released by Paramount and is being produced by Platinum Dunes, a company run by Mr. Explosions himself, Michael Bay, who’s also the director behind the critically slammed Transformers series.

With the film is in the early stages of development there’s currently no director on board, but the search to find a writer to pen the script is due to begin soon.

Other cast members are yet to be announced but with the studio eager to get the cameras rolling, I’m sure the wait for fans won’t be long?

Gearbox Software

Cena certainly does resemble Nukem and I think he’d be the perfect fit for the brash, wise-cracking and often politically incorrect action hero.

You’re forgiven if you haven’t heard of Duke Nukem before seeing how the game series was mostly popular during the 1990’s.

Starting out as a PC game in 1991, the series followed the adventures of the aggressive gun-slinging hero Nukem, whose missions always involved shooting down aliens to save planet Earth.


Initially being a mash-up of action film tropes and gore, the series evolved throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s with its most popular game, 1997’s Duke Nukem 3D, being released on the Nintenso 64, Playstation and Sega Saturn.

However since then, the series really has lain dormant… until 2011’s much reviled Duke Nukem Forever which, after spending 15 years in development hell, was not appreciated by anyone when it was finally released.

The big screen project was previously picked up by Dimension Films but when the rights eventually lapsed, Paramount picked up the pieces from Gearbox Software, the company who made the original game.

Gearbox Software

It seems strange then a film is now being made considering the character hasn’t been popular for years, but, nostalgia is sure to make it a success.

The character will have to change though as in today’s world, you can’t really have the casual porn and politically incorrect quotes Duke Nukem was infamous for.