John Wick Creator To Start Work On A Just Cause Movie

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John Wick Creator To Start Work On A Just Cause MovieSquare Enix/Thunder Road Pictures

John Wick Chapter 3 is in cinemas now, and like its predecessors, has proven to be a critical and commercial darling. People just love to watch Keanu Reeves go on an absolute mad one, I guess. 

Given the immense success of the John Wick trilogy (a fourth chapter already has a release date), it’s fair to say that series creator and writer Derek Kolstad is a man who knows how to make a damn good, no nonsense, ridiculously over the top action movie.

Square Enix

It should come as welcome news then, that Kolstad has just been hired to lend his expertise to the upcoming Just Cause movie. Given Just Cause itself is a damn good, no nonsense, ridiculously over the top series of action games, this pairing is a match made in heaven.

Germany production company Constantin Film bagged the rights to Just Cause and enlisted Kolstad to work on the script, in a move that implies the company might just know what it’s doing.

Then again, Constantin’s own Robert Kulzer and Prime Universe Films’ Adrian Askarieh are on board as producers, and those two worked on the Resident Evil and Hitman films, so I’m not overly optimistic just yet.


Variety reports that the Just Cause project is a “top priority” for Constantin, and will start shooting in 2020. A separate Just Cause adaptation starring Jason Momoa was announced back in 2017, but clearly that one fell apart – that’s not to say Momoa couldn’t sign on to star in this latest attempt, however.

Square Enix

Constantin is also currently working on the Monster Hunter adaptation,which is being helmed by Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson and stars Milla Jovovich. It’s safe to say that fans aren’t too sure what to make of it yet, based on what we’ve seen and heard from the project so far.


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It was confirmed a few months back that the Monster Hunter movie will deviate slightly from the source material, in that it will focus on a UN military team led by Milla’s character that ends up in another dimension full of monsters. Sigh.


In this dimension, Milla and her team will meet actual Monster Hunters, and it’s here that we’ll start to see the familiar gear, locations, and beasts from the popular franchise. At least I hope so, anyway.

Constantin Film

It’s unclear how Just Cause will deviate from the source material, but it’s a video game adaptation, so of course it almost definitely will, regardless of whether that’s the right move or not. Just look at what Paramount did to Sonic. 

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