The Just Cause 3 Interactive Trailer Is Pretty Awesome


Remember those ‘choose your own adventure’ books from way back? Just Cause 3 does, and the new interactive trailer takes it to the next level.

The focus of the trailer is to highlight the free range players will have in choosing how they go about liberating the island of Medici from the tyrannous rule of dictator General Di Ravello. Game director Roland Lesterlin voice-overs every judgement you make and you’ll need to have annotations turned on to make your decision.

The first choice is how you think series protagonist Rico should topple a statue of the despot. Personally I chose the “Stop Hitting Yourself” option.

The others may as well have no existed tbh.

This is a pretty awesome and unique way of showing people the sheer amount of choices the game is going to present and I can’t wait to see more developers and publishers use this in the future.