Kanye West Is On A Quest To Find Hideo Kojima


Rapper Kanye West seems to be on the hunt for Metal Gear Solid creator and gaming industry legend Hideo Kojima, and nobody can work out exactly why. 

The artist behind classics like Graduation Tweeted out of the blue that he was in New York, he’d heard Kojima was also in the Big Apple, and asked his followers if anyone knew how to get in touch.

Presumably one of West’s followers soon told him Kojima actually has his own Twitter account, as he was soon addressing the developer directly to request a meet, but not before a number of other Twitter users had some fun with the rapper.

It doesn’t look like West has had any luck in actually meeting up with Kojima yet, and he has yet to reveal exactly why he was after a chat with him in the first place – not that he owes anyone an explanation, mind. I’m just really curious.

Perhaps Kanye fancies doing the music for Death Stranding? Maybe he wants to bag Kim a starring role in the game alongside Mads Mikkelson? Maybe he’s just a genuine fan of Kojima’s work and wanted to pick the man’s brains?

Any and all options are possible. Knowing Kojima, he’ll probably turn around a week from now and tell everyone that his whole thing with Kanye was an elaborate prequel to Death Stranding and we’re all already playing the game or something equally strange.

Even though he hasn’t been successful in finding him yet, The Game Awards head honcho Geoff Keighley – a man who can apparently summon anyone – did offer to try and get the pair together, so Kojima and West could meet yet.