Kanye West Treats Twitter To Videogame Themed Outburst

by : Ewan Moore on : 29 Feb 2016 11:18

Kanye West has had another of what future historians are bound to refer to as one of his “Twitter Episodes”, this time using videogames as his focal point. 


These most recent Tweets aren’t quite as colourful as some of his previous efforts, but it’s endearingly disjointed and weird all the same – Like listening to a tramp argue with a bin on the high street.

West began his Friday night cyber lecture by claiming that the name for his next album is currently Turbo Grafx 16, in reference to the console. There’s a reason for this, and he wasted no time in sharing that reason with us. Enjoy the Tweets below at your leisure.


I wouldn’t really expect his next album to go with that name though. Life of Pablo was renamed several thousand times before Kanye settled on one (which he’ll still insist on changing at some point). Still, Kanye tells us he was just on some sweet nerd vibes.




Blazing Lazers of course was a vertical scrolling sci-fi shooter. It was pretty good, to be fair. West then revealed that the man referenced in his song “Drive Slow” owned a Neo Geo. Something you were dying to know, I’m sure.



Kanye’s been dipping his toe in the waters of the videogame pool for a while now. At the launch party for his newest album (Life of Pablo) he revealed the first trailer for his very own videgame, called Only One.


Still no word on when Only One will see a release. Hopefully West announces it at the end of a feature length Twitter rant soon.

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