Kerbal Space Program Is Set To Blast Off On Xbox One


Ever wanted to go to space? Ever wanted to pilot a rocket ship? Ever wanted to get blown up on the launchpad because some idiot gave you a metric fuckton of ill-placed explosives and lit the fuse?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the PC breakout indie hit Kerbal Space Program heading for Xbox One is the game for you. Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox space exploration game that takes you from the launchpad to the farthest reaches of the universe – provided you’re not completely inept. The game has already been announced as coming to PlayStation 4, and the dev team behind it, Flying Tiger Entertainment, will also be working on the Xbox One version.


Gamespot’s 9/10 review praised the game for its innovative and frustrating approach to space travel:

You will fail at this game. It will demoralize you and it will stress you out, but, more often than not, it will soothe, quiet, and inspire you. Innovative muscles will be stretched here that aren’t stretched very often by games, and more complex moments require a sort of zen beyond being simply twitch-ready for a surprise attack.

No details have been released about when we can expect to have Kerbal Space Program on Xbox One yet, but having received rave reviews, it’ll be a must-own when it finally does drop.