Kid Receives Response From Nintendo After Asking For Non-Binary Pokémon

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Kid Receives Response From Nintendo After Asking For Non-Binary PokémonThe Pokemon Company/PleaseBeGneiss/Twitter

A young child wrote a heartwarming letter to Nintendo asking for non-binary Pokémon – and the company responded.

Twitter user @PleaseBeGneiss uploaded a photo of Nintendo’s official response after their child penned a letter to the games firm requesting non-binary creatures so other people would feel more ‘comfortable’ when playing the games or watching the shows.


Across the Pokémon universe, many look exactly the same regardless of gender, while some have slight differences – for example, a male Buizel has two light coloured spots on his back while females have one. Soon, we may see more non-binary Pokémon enter the fold.

‘Dear Nintendo, could please make non-binary Pokémon? I also want that because I think it would be cool and so non-binary people would feel more comfortable about it,’ the child’s letter read.

Nintendo sent a substantial reply. ‘I think that is an awesome. There are so many varieties of Pokémon, so it would make sense to have a variety of genders as well,’ Liz Daniels, consumer service representative, wrote.


‘We want to make sure people of all kinds feel welcomed and comfortable while playing our software. I’ll send your feedback to the appropriate departments to review and thoughtfully consider,’ she added, along with some ‘special items’ for them to enjoy. ‘I hope you continue to have wonderful adventures with your Pokémon for many years to come.’


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While there are a few genderless Pokémon, such as Mew, Staryu, Voltorb and Ditto, the only non-binary character is Blanche, the leader of Team Mystic.

As you’d probably expect, there are a lot of comments from people getting all hot and bothered over the concept of non-binary Pokémon, despite it making absolutely no difference to them. ‘Some grown adults trying to bully a child who isn’t gonna read your comments, embarrassing… be angry online though,’ the parent wrote.


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