Kids Freak Out After Parents Shut Off Fortnite Mid-Game

Fortnite players tricked on The Jimmy Kimmel ShowThe Jimmy Kimmel Show/YouTube

Your parents gave you the gift of life, and so they are well within their rights to take the Michael every now and then.

When I was a teenager, my parents used to repeatedly pretend they had a dance routine planned whenever we went out for a meal, and enjoyed many a good cackle at my mortified, spotty face.

And present day kids have much more to worry about, with sniggering parents having a very dastardly plan up their sleeves indeed, courtesy of late night TV host, Jimmy Kimmel.

Now, back in my day I would freak out when my parents told me to shut down Croc or Spyro before my dinner went cold.

However, today’s young gamers have a much more intense obsession indeed, with Fortnite causing many a piece of homework to be mysteriously ‘eaten by the dog’.

Addressing mischievous parents on his talkshow, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy issued a hilarious new #YouTubeChallenge to his viewers. The dare was to turn off the TV right in the middle of their kid playing Fortnite.

Before revealing the explosive results, Jimmy said:

Monday night on the show, I issued a new YouTube challenge,

And the challenge was I’d like you to sneak up on your kids while they’re playing Fortnite — kids are nuts for this Fortnite — and turn off the TV.

I asked, and many of you answered and with that said, here are the results of ‘Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I turned off the TV during Fortnite‘.

Cue a montage of gleeful parents and gamer rage, with kids responding with a snigger-worthy, yet forceful, brew of frustration, confusion, and outrage.

Some kids broke out into expletives, while others simply gawped, wide-eyed, in horror. Some even rushed at the camera, fuelled with an anger rarely seen outside of post-apocalyptic rage virus movies.

One amused young boy ordered his tickled father to ‘go cook’, while another screamed, ‘Are you out of your mind?’

One amusing scene showed a mum struggling to turn off the console, without success, fiddling about with the telly like it was a rocket launchpad.

While she stood about awkwardly in front of the screen, her infuriated offspring bellowed:

What are you doing? My friend just died because of you!

Viewers have had a hearty chuckle at the all too relatable footage, although some have had a bit of a tut-tut at some of the kids’ overblown tantrums.

One person tweeted:

I truly hope that all those kids that hit and yelled and screamed were grounded from playing for like a month at least. Totally inexcusable behaviour.

However, another person reasoned:

This is hilarious, and anyone who says spoiled kids etc etc turn an adults tv off while they are playing and see the results are much worse.

Are children not allowed to have emotions? Do we expect them to react more maturely than grownups?

Would you ever dare inflict this brutal yet undeniably funny challenge on your kids?

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