Killer Clowns And More Announced In Creepy New VR Title



Oculus revealed multiple games for the Rift headset during the Connect 3 press conference, but also carved out some time to discuss the Gear VR. 

Excitingly, Turtle Rock Studios (the team behind Evolve) are working on two of these upcoming titles, and they couldn’t be more different from one another.

The first (and I think most interesting) game is called Face Your Fears, and is a horror experience that uses the power of virtual reality to throw you into horrifying situations that play on classic phobias.

There are only two ‘scenes’ confirmed for Face Your Fears so far, but with more to come.

One has a player looking down from the edge of a skyscraper as a giant robot climbs up after you, and the other sees you trapped in a child’s bedroom that happens to be haunted by a ghost.

3139591-other-worldsTurtle Rock Studios

The second – much more chilled out – game is called Otherworlds, and puts players inside a painting by artist Justin Cherry.

There are a number of scenes that feature 360-degree panoramic views and 3D audio. Rather than face killer robots or ghost clowns, all you do is settle in and relax.

3139588-face-your-fearsTurtle Rock Studios

Face Your Fears launches for Gear VR on the very spooky October 31. No specific release date has been announced for Otherworlds, but you should expect it before the end of October.