Kojima Confirms He Will Never Release A Game Like P.T.


To paraphrase Oasis, Hideo Kojima is now free to be whatever he wants to be (and he’ll sing the blues if he wants). As such, according to a recent interview with Polygon, the man behind Metal Gear has confirmed he’s moving forward – and that means the final end of P.T. and Silent Hills.

When Kojima was asked whether he’s interested in making a new game similar to the shit scary P.T. demo, he stated that Silent Hills is over, and he’ll never make another game like P.T.

Kojima said:

P.T. in a way for us was also an experiment to understand many things. Silent Hills, I don’t think that will ever happen. I would definitely like to explore horror and by horror I don’t mean horror as a genre, but more like the feeling of terror as a theme, as a topic and this is one aspect that gets really close to interactivity of scariness so that is something I would be interested in exploring in the future.

Kojima also mentioned that after P.T., a few similar games surfaced. As a result, he doesn’t want to do something in the same tone.

He was also asked to talk a little bit about the mysterious falling out with his former company and all around tit-hats Konami, but firmly stated that he’s only interested in moving forward. Fair enough, really.

Of course, Kojima has since started his own studio (Kojima Productions) and has recently been busy teasing us all with the possibility of further collaboration with the actor Norman Reedus, who appeared at the end of P.T