Kojima Shoots Down Several Death Stranding Theories


The first trailer for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was awesome, but all it did was raise questions – so, so many questions.

Of course, while Kojima isn’t quite ready to reveal everything (where would the fun be in that?) he recently discussed a little more about the project with Eurogamer


First and foremost, you’ll be glad (or unsettled) to learn that the bizarre trailer is representative of the final game. That means dead fish, umbilical cords, naked Norman Reedus – the works.

Kojima also teased – as we all suspected – that the trailer is stuffed to the gills with clues and hints as to the nature of the game.

He said:

There are a lot of hints in there, hidden. The world having this discussion about what this teaser means was kind of the objective. That’s what I wanted to happen. The [Death Stranding] game will take a little more time to be completed, but the game for me has already started. I am going back and forth with the users, having this interaction, this connection with the people, this discussion.


Unfortunately, Kojima also shot down a number of popular Death Stranding theories that are currently floating around the internet.

A few people likened Reedus’ character losing his baby to Kojima and his own struggle with Konami last year – the man himself confirmed that the trailer has nothing to do with that, though he suspected folk might read into it that way.

Another popular theory was that the baby in the trailer is a clone of Norman Reedus, but this was also debunked by Kojima.


One of the more intriguing theories is that Death Stranding involves black holes. This was an idea generated by some equations on the character’s dog tags in the trailer.

On the dog tag equations, Kojima teased:

What I will say is, I wanted people to find those…

We still have no idea what the hell Death Stranding is about, or when it comes out, but people can’t seem to stop talking about it – well played, Mr Kojima.