Konami Might Have Just Approved The Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake


An independent developer has recently been working on a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid using Unreal Engine 4, and fans around the world have been clenching their butt cheeks together, waiting for Konami to swoop in and shut it down. But the news we’ve all been praying for might just be on its way.

The devs have shared a few cryptic tweets on their Shadow Moses Twitter page, promising “big news” for fans soon, that suggests they may well have secured (or are close to securing) permission from Konami to see it through all the way. Check out the tweets below.

What is happening? Konami green-lighting such an in-demand project would certainly give them some much needed good press after everything that happened with Kojima and P.T.

It’s also true that back in 2014, Konami gave the go ahead for a fan remake of the 1987 Metal Gear, but backed out pretty soon after. So, they have a history of supporting fan projects – but also of shutting them down. That clears up nothing then. We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what exactly happens with this remake.

We really hope it happens. The original Metal Gear Solid was an absolutely incredible game, and revisiting it in HD would be a treat.