Lad Wanted PS4 For Christmas, Got Lewd Block Of Wood Instead

Fox 25

If you thought your Christmas presents were kinda shitty this year, spare a thought for this little trooper.

Nine-year-old Scott Lundy in Wakefield, Massachusetts got a raw deal this Christmas when instead of the Uncharted PS4 bundle he was hoping for, he opened the box to find a block of wood that said “from c**k and balls with love.”

According to Kotaku, there was also a pretty sketchy drawing of just that on the box – at least nobody can blame this Yuletide prankster of not committing.


Understandably, Scott was pretty sad, as the PS4 was the only thing he’d asked for that Christmas.

Speaking to Boston’s Fox 25, his step-mother Tina Lundy said:

He’s crying and he’s upset and he’s in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone so at that point. I was crushed.

Mrs Lundy and Scott’s father decided not to take this kinda shit from one of Santa’s rogue elves and took the block back to the Target store they got it from, telling Scott it was where Santa’s electronic gifts are made.

Fox 25

Thankfully, the manager of the store gave them a replacement PS4 and a $100 giftcard for their troubles. Here’s hoping Scott and his parents write a strongly worded block of their own to Santa. You got some bad eggs in that workshop, Claus, maybe it’s time for a re-shuffle.