Last Of Us 2 Concept Art Sheds New Light On Trailer Mystery

by : Ewan Moore on : 08 Dec 2016 09:32


You’re probably eager to hoover up every last scrap of news regarding The Last of Us 2 you can get your hands on – I know I am. 


Fortunately, developer Naughty Dog has shared some new concept art giving us a closer look at Ellie’s new tattoos, which she presumably got to prove that she’s dead hard now she’s all grown up.

Take a look below:

3166783-tattoo3166783-tattooNaughty Dog

It’s a pretty sweet design, and one I’ve no doubt will start to adorn the skin of gamers everywhere before long. But does the moth resting on two separate pieces of greenery represent something?


Maybe. Maybe not. I guess we won’t know for sure till the game comes out and we get a better idea of what’s actually going on, although we do know that Ellie is out for blood, and that the theme of the game is ‘hate’.

Ellie’s cool new ink was actually designed by a real tattoo artist called Natalie Hall, who had her hands scanned for The Last of Us 2’s announcement trailer for the close-up shots of Ellie playing guitar.

Before Naughty Dog’s artists put the tattoo into the game, they did a test run using a Sharpie on the arm of UI artist/designer Alexandria Neonakis, which you can see below.

The Last of Us is still ‘a ways off’ according to Naughty Dog, but that won’t stop us from wildly speculating on every possible theory and plot detail until the glorious day of its release.

Ewan Moore

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