Leaked Info For Doom Xbox One Pre-Order Teases Games Bundle


It would appear the the digital pre-order incentives have been leaked for Doom on Xbox One. I have to stress that there’s no official word just yet – but it seems like pre-ordering will get you the original Doom 1 and 2.

This particular leak sprung from the Australian Xbox Store, according to a post on Reddit. The listing was hastily removed, of course, but a cached version of the page remains right here.

Incidentaly, the Australian Xbox Store is the same place that leaked Dark Souls as a pre-order bonus for Dark Souls 3, so it’s a firm source at this point – even if it’s painfully clear now that they need to sort their shit out over there.

Doom 1 and are currently on the Xbox Live Arcade, so it’s definitely not a stretch to imagine Bethesda giving them away as a cheeky bonus. The new Doom arrives in May for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.