Leaked Smash Bros Roster Reveals Shadow, Banjo Kazooie, And More


It wouldn’t be a Super Smash Bros game without a large helping of fervent fan speculation and rumours. Accordingly, the internet believes it’s worked out the rest of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s already massive roster. 

As it stands, the roster for the Nintendo Switch fighter stands at a whopping 71 characters. That’s every character who has ever appeared in a Smash game, plus a few newcomers.

Fighters range from the well known (Link, Mario, Pikachu), to the obscure (Ridley, Corrin, Mr Game & Watch). If for some reason you weren’t happy with 71 playable characters though, it looks like Nintendo have even more that are yet to be revealed.


An alleged leak posted to Reddit claims to hold the secrets behind the full roster of Smash Bros Ultimate. Reddit did what it does best, and worked exhaustively to piece together the missing characters, based on the gaps in pre-existing artwork, using the leaked image as a guide.

If all of this is to be believed, Reddit has uncovered seven more characters, bringing the grand total up to an eye watering 78 fighters.

These fighters are: Shadow the Hedgehog, Banjo Kazooie, Ken (Street Fighter), Isaac (Golden Sun), Mac Rider, Geno (Super Mario RPG), and Chorus Kids, for some reason.

A number of these fighters have been rumoured for the new Smash Bros for some time – most notably Ken, Isaac, and Chorus Kids – so none of these have really come out of the blue, apart from maybe Geno, who just seems like wishful thinking.

The leak does appear to have come from someone who claims to have worked for a company that creates promotional materials for a number of places – most notably Bandai Namco, who are – you guessed it – developing Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

UPDATE: However, Marina PLV – one of the companies the “leaker” is supposed to have worked for, and the one many seem to have assumed to be the alleged source of this information – has come forward to confirm that said leaker did work for them at one point, but hasn’t since November 2016.

The company revealed in an official statement that it’s in the middle of contacting sites to clarify this information. You can read their full statement here.

With this in mind, I guess we can probably chalk this particular leak up to a convincing fake. I knew Geno would never appear in a Smash Bros game, to be fair.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes to Nintendo Switch on December 7, so it seems likely that these leaked characters will get an official reveal soon.