Left 4 Dead 3 Potentially Teased By Valve


A tease for Left 4 Dead 3 may just have been discovered, implying that Valve can actually count to three when they really want to. 

A reference to a third entry in the Left 4 Dead franchise was found in a Valve employee’s development tutorial, reigniting the hope that we’ll soon be slaying zombies with chums once more.

Fan site ValveTime spotted a screenshot from a tutorial by Valve conceptual artist Tristan Reidford. At the top of his list of folders was one titled ‘Left4Dead 3.’

The screen in question was quickly taken down and replaced with one without that cheeky folder, but ValveTime managed to save the image for all to see.

Take a look for yourself below.


Several folk have observed that since the file list in the screenshot was scrolled in such a way that the Left 4 Dead 3 folder was at the top, this was an intentional tease.

Other still have pointed out that there’s a good chance all Valve employees have folders for Left 4 Dead 3Portal 3, and even (whisper it) Half-Life 3.

Back in 2014, the co-creator of Counter-Strike actually said that Left 4 Dead 3 was in development at that time and looked great. However, he no longer works at Valve so who knows?

Personally, I reckon this is just Valve fucking with us again. They seem to enjoy doing that.