Limited Edition 24K Gold-Plated PS5 Will Be Released This Year

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 26 Jul 2020 12:34
Limited Edition 24K Gold-Plated PS5 Will Be Released This YearLimited Edition 24K Gold-Plated PS5 Will Be Released This YearTruly Exquisite

Needing something useless to spend your money on? Well, the limited edition 24k gold-plated PlayStation 5 that’s being released later this year might be just the thing for you.


The long-awaited next-generation PlayStation 5 was revealed last month, a whole seven years since the release of the PS4.

But if the new console didn’t look fancy enough on its own, a super blingy gold-plated version will be developed by UK customising company Truly Exquisite, as well as platinum- and 18k rose gold-plated versions. You can also get custom matching headsets and gamepads too.

Take a look at what could be yours:


An official date is yet to be released, but it is estimated to be available in December. Something to add to the Christmas list, maybe?

A price for the customised console hasn’t been given yet either, but from looking at previous similar custom items, it could be hundreds or even thousands of pounds. However, if you don’t want to fork out a small fortune on the gold-plated one, it’s thought the platinum and rose gold versions will be slightly lower in price.

ps5ps5Truly Exquisite

The PS5 (pre-super fancy, gold-plated customisation) is set to be much faster than the PS4, and will load games 100 times quicker. The console’s custom SSD drive is set to pack 825GB, running at 5.5GB per second in raw mode or 8-9GB per second in compressed.

You’ll have to be quick to grab the customised console when they are finally released, as the company has said it will probably only make 100 of them worldwide, reported the Metro.

If you’re interesting in getting one for yourself – or someone else, maybe – you can register your interest here.

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