Man Forced To Sell PS5 After Wife Realises It’s Not Air Purifier

by : Cameron Frew on : 04 Dec 2020 10:04
Man Forced To Sell PS5 After Wife Realises It's Not Air PurifierJin Wu/Facebook/bishutoyaju/Twitter

A Taiwanese man was forced to get rid of his PS5 after his wife discovered it wasn’t the air purifier he’d first claimed. 

Considering how difficult it is to get a PlayStation 5 at the moment, it’s a harrowing thought to even consider selling it. It’s been a stressful hunt for many, battling virtual queues and broken websites, not to mention seemingly tiny levels of stock.


But let’s say you got one, having managed to convince your partner that it’s a sensible investment by telling her it’s an air purifier. It was never going to end well for this man.


The heartbreaking account was shared by Jin Wu, the lucky fella who managed to get his hands on a PS5 as a result of this gamer’s lie.

Wu explained how he’d organised to purchase the console from the reseller in person. He gave them a call, believing it to be a man he was buying from, when a woman picked up. She didn’t seem like someone who played video games, Wu wrote, and she was very keen to sell the PS5 despite it being at one of the cheapest prices available.


It’s not been revealed just how little it was being sold for, but considering some resellers are punting consoles for thousands of pounds every week at the moment, it must have been low.

Soon, a middle-aged man arrived with the console, sparking Wu to enquire why it was being sold in the first place. He asked where it was ordered from, to which the man answered PChome.

Wu told him he must have been good at ordering, and asked if the reason he was selling this one was due to him purchasing two. His face told a different story.


‘My wife wants to sell it,’ he told Wu, who wrote: ‘I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain.’ He could see the bitterness from the man in having to sell it, especially as he tried to continue the awkward conversation.

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He soon revealed: ‘It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter.’

Wu’s story has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, with one user writing: ‘It’s just a PS5. That’s what men do… let him live a little. Sheesh!’


Another wrote: ‘Well, being dishonest with your significant other will bring forth this kind of situation. Not siding with anybody, I mean the man should’ve been honest to begin with and the wife should allow the man to enjoy his hobbies and interests free of conflict.’

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