Mario Kart Mobile Set To Release This Year


Most of us can agree that January tends to be a bit of an unrelenting SOB. A pointless, overlong hangover slotted clumsily between the fun of Christmas and the joys of spring. February isn’t much better, now I think on it. 

What I’m trying to say, in my own cynical way, is that I know right now we’re all very cold and the sun has vanished forever, but there is light at the end of the tunnel; Mario Kart is coming to mobile this year.

The big news was announced last January of course, but 2019 is officially the year we can expect to see Luigi beat Toad to death with a Green Shell on the same device that we use to browse memes on the toilet. The future is now, friends.

Nintendo promised last year we’d be getting Mario Kart mobile in the fiscal year ending March 2019, meaning the game could have landed anywhere between April 2018 and this March coming up.

It’s now January 2019, so we should at least be getting some form of news on the latest Mario Kart soon, even if it is delayed beyond March. Since we haven’t heard or seen anything of the game and it’s supposed to be out anytime in the next two months, I’m starting to think a little delay is entirely possible.

Delay or no, I’d be very surprised if 2019 wasn’t the year Mario Kart rocketed to new levels of success through the mainstream magic of mobile gaming. Keep those mushrooms on standby.