Marvel’s Spider-Man Gets Two Fantastic Four Themed Skins

Insomiac Games

The real meat of Marvel’s Spider-Man story DLC is all done and dusted, but that hasn’t stopped Insomniac Games from slipping us a few extra treats. 

Update version 1.14 is live now for the excellent PlayStation 4 exclusive. In addition to a couple of minor bug fixes and tweaks, two new Fantastic Four inspired suits have been added to the game.

Marvel Comics teased “fantastic new content” coming to Spider-Man a few weeks ago, leading many to speculate that it was very likely a reference to Marvel’s First Family, and that we’d be getting some cool new Fantastic Four themed content of some kind.

Back then, I predicted we’d be getting either the Bombastic Bag Man suit, or the Future Foundation suit. As it happens, Insomniac has given us both. Those cheeky rascals.

Marvel Studios

Both costumes reference Spider-Man’s long and colourful history with the FF. The Bag Man suit calls back to brilliant prank the Human Torch once played on Spidey.

The web head was in need of a replacement costume for reasons too complicated to explain here, and the Torch obliged by giving him a spare FF suit – as well as a paper bag to protect his secret ID.

The Future Foundation suit meanwhile, is from a time that Spidey was filling in on the team at the request of the Human Torch, who had recently died saving the world. Again, it’s too complicated to really explain here. Comicbooks, am I right?

Anyway, check out both suits below. I adore the crudely drawn eyes on the Bag Man costume, and the Future Foundation suit is just so damn slick.

ResetEra/Chepin The Third

In our own review of Marvel’s Spider-Man, I called it “the finest game starring the wall crawler to date”. If you haven’t played it yet and you own a PS4, you need to get on it.

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