Marvel’s Spider-Man Getting ‘Fantastic’ New Content Soon

Insomniac Games

Every time I think I’m done with Marvel’s Spider-Man, they pull me back in. But when Marvel teases some kind of Fantastic Four related content coming to the game, how’s a comic book nerd to resist?

The tease first came during Marvel’s Fantastic Four Week kickoff livestream, a big event created to celebrate the grand return of the iconic superhero team after some time away from the limelight.

Marvel’s Ryan Penagos said:

Something ‘fantastic’ is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man real soon. I can’t tell you anything more right now…but you’ll want to keep an eye out for this. It’s going to be amazing and fantastic.

Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games didn’t elaborate further on what this content could be, but retweeted Marvel’s Tweet with the “eyes” emoji.

With all three episodes of Spider-Man‘s paid DLC now concluded, it’s likely that whatever this Fantastic Four related content is, is a free add-on. My best guess is that it’s probably a new free suit in the vein of the Raimi movie costume which was added into the game in December.

Given Spidey has a long history with the Fantastic Four, the two most likely new costumes would be the slick Future Foundation suit (a reference to when Spider-Man was a member of the FF), or the Bagman costume. The latter is literally Peter Parker in a spare FF outfit with a paper bag over his head.

Marvel Comics/Ron Frenz

Of course, there’s a chance Insomniac will surprise everyone with some kind of new story content featuring the Fantastic Four, but I personally wouldn’t be too hopeful that it’s going to be anything that substantial.